Sunday, March 15, 2009

Despite Warnings, Some Students Still Consider Mexico as their Spring Break Destination.

Universities across the U.S., including The University of Oklahoma, have warned students about the dangers of going to Mexico; however, some students can not resist the thrill.

Over the past month, Mexico has been receiving intense coverage over drug war along the border between. The Oklahoma Information Fusion Center issued a safety alert Feb. 26, warning Oklahoma students about the rise in crime in border towns, such as Tijuana. Students like Microbiology Sophomore Kevin Buck, however, say that the stories are not keeping them away.

Buck said he plans on going with friends to Rosarito Beach, which is roughly 20 minutes south of Tijuana. Buck said his reasoning for going to Mexico lies in its cheap expense and beautiful beaches. Buck said he has taken the news into consideration but put much thought into his decision. 

"It worries me a little bit, but i have done a lot of research online with the news most of the killings are dealing with people associated with the drug cartels, or just drugs in general," Buck said. "I believe everything is going to go smoothly and I will have a blast."

The U.S. Department of State has also issued a Travel Alert for citizens who plan on visiting Mexico. Spring break for most Oklahoma colleges begins the second or third week of March. 

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