Saturday, March 7, 2009

Junior Ronald Tong diligently studies for his Calculus test. (Photo by Adam Greenlee)

Oklahoma Students Prepare for the Midterm Blues.

The proximity of spring break signals in the dreaded midterms for some students at the University of Oklahoma.

It may not be as detrimental as finals week, but the pressure of midterms still packs much anxiety for some students. The library becomes a popular choice for students to study at. Bizzel library offers many study areas, as well as group study rooms.

Some students decide to pull all nighters to cram for their exams the night before, using energy drinks and coffee to give their focus a special boost. Other students, like Freshman Lexie Kinion, however, said they choose to study days before the test. Kinion says she makes use of her dorm's study lounge over the library due to close convenience. Kinion said she chooses to start  studying days before the test.  

"I usually just sit down and read my notes and reread the chapters in my textbook a couple of hours a night before the test," Kinion said. "I just use the study hall in my dorm, or me and some friends may get a group together so it's fun and not all studying.

Midterms officially end Friday for some students. Finals week will begin May 11 and end May 15.

Click here to listen to what Kinion had to say about energy drinks and studying all night. 

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