Monday, March 2, 2009

The Oklahoma State Capitol is where the senate honored both the Flaming Lips and the Oklahoma Football team Monday. In 2007, Oklahoma City honored The Flaming Lips with their own alley way in Bricktown. (Photo by Adam Greenlee)
The Oklahoma State Legislator Honors The Flaming Lips and the OU Football Team.
OKLAHOMA CITY -- The Oklahoma State Senate announced Monday March 2 that the Flaming Lips' song "Do You Realize??" will be the official rock song of the sooner state. The Senate also honored the University of Oklahoma football team. 

Oklahoma Sen. Mike Schulz presented The Flaming Lips with Oklahoma's Official Rock Song Monday for their 2002 single "Do You Realize??" The decision was made after a year long selecting process that started in 2008 when legislatures started a process of selecting the song by leaving it up to Oklahomans. The song had to either be written or performed by a person from Oklahoma, according to official Web site. The songs ranged from the catchy "Heartbreak Motel" by Elvis Presley to the upbeat "Move Along" by The All American Rejects. 

The State Legislator also honored OU's football team the same day. The football team was aloud to sit on the senate floor; however, the Flaming Lips were forced to sit in the gallery, and stand when their song was presented with the title. Michael Beavor, a legislative control clerk for the state senate, was present at the ceremony and said it was odd the band was asked to sit in the gallery rather than on the senate floor. 

"I asked a couple of people what that was about and I never got a for sure answer because usually they escort them onto the floor to do it," Beavor said. "I thought it was because they are notorious for being outlandish. I never got a confirmation on if that's why or not, but I've been there three or four, and that was the first time they ever had somebody sit up in the gallery." 

The official song will be part of the rock exhibit "Another Hot Oklahoma Night," which will open sometime in 2009.

Listen to who Beavor chose as his pick for the official rock song of Oklahoma...

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