Saturday, April 11, 2009

Students from the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship stand by a large earth ball. The group held an earth ball tournament as part of their campaign against human trafficking. (Photo by Adam Greenlee)
Student Organization Helps Raise Awareness of Human Trafficking.

The student organization InterVarsity Christian Fellowship held an earth ball tournament Thursday to help raise awareness about human trafficking.

The tournament was held Thursday on a little field just north of Adam's Towers despite ferocious winds. Earth ball is a game similar to both soccer and ultimate frisbee where teams try to get a single ball down the field to score a point. The difference lies in the fact that an earth ball is about the same height as a human being. The tournament started at 4 p.m. 

The tournament was part of the groups campaign for the International Justice Mission to help free modern day slaves around the world. Early this week the group set up a table on the south oval. Journalism Senior Stephen Carradini is part of the group and helped referee for the event.

"Last week we raised over $500 in donations just from people giving their spare change," Carradini said. "We called it 'Loose Change to Loosen Chains'."

Carradini said he expects the tournament to be larger next year when it comes back. 

During the interview, Carradini explained where the idea of earth ball came from, when a wind,unexpectedly,  picked up and took the ball rogue. Click here to hear what happened. 

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