Sunday, April 5, 2009

Courtney Gatlin (right), Housing Fair coordinator, and Whitney Cox (left), vice chair of Parents' Weekend, hand out pamphlets to students as they pass the housing fair in the Oklahoma Memorial Union. Parents' Weekend allowed students to meet up with their families. (Photo by Adam Greenlee)

Families Rush to Norman to Take Part in Parents' Weekend

Friday April 3 marked the first day of CAC's Parents' Weekend, where students and their families were welcomed with an array of activities and events on campus.

Lindsey and other major streets around the University of Oklahoma's campus witnessed a plethora of cars packing the narrow roads Friday as parents traveled in to see students. The weekend of events were officially kicked off at 8 a.m. on the south oval where a tent was located. The weekend involved sporting events, free movies, Sooner Scandals and much more. 

This was the third annual Parents' weekend. Besides witnessing a successful weekend, CAC also witnessed a newly elected chair. Tyler Nunley received the majority of votes last week in the election for CAC chair and will take the place of Megan Bebb. Courtney Gatlin, international business and accounting major, said that much effort has been put into making Parents' Weekend possible. Gatlin said they started the committee in early November but the chairs have been working since last August. Gatlin also expressed how Parents' Weekend has something for everyone. 

"The great thing about Parents' Weekend is that Exec Committee makes sure that there is an event for everyone," Gatlin said. "I does not matter if your parents were here or not, every student can find a free event to enjoy."

For more information on Sooner Scandals, Parents' Weekend or any other CAC event, visit their official website.

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