Thursday, April 16, 2009

Students Plan to Stay to Work on Campus This Summer

Although some students are anticipating going home this summer, others plan to stay to work on campus.

Students like Maria Engles, international business senior, said she chose to stay to make extra money. Engles is not alone, other students, especially those in IT, have chose to stay over the summer to work on campus. 

Engles said she likes her job due to the faculties understand student life. Campus employers work leniently with student schedules. 

"On dead week it's optional for me to come in," Engels said. "But not all jobs are like that"

Engels said she plans to work the same position next semester and that anybody who wishes to work this summer or next semester may apply at the jobs Web site.

Watch Engels explain what it's like to work on campus. Please excuse the long load time...

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