Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Whitest Kids U' Know are Coming to Norman

The comedy troupe Whitest Kids U' Know will stop by Norman Feb. 17 to give a free premiere of their new film Miss March to OU students.

Shagah Zakerion, Public Relations/Political Science major and CAC Film Series chair, said the troupe will come to the campus as part of their campus tours where they perform at different universities. Since movie release coincided with the tour, Film Series was able to premiere the film as well. Trevor Moore and Zach Cregger, two of the members in the group,  will be present at the screening and will take questions after the movie.

Zakerion said they regularly premiere film at the campus theater, but due to a booking conflict they were forced to move the film to Hollywood Theaters. Premieres are free, but students must obtain a pass which can be printed off from the events Facebook page. Zakerion said this is a unique event for OU students and encourages everybody to attend.

"Moroch Entertainment in OKC is helping promote the film and since we often work with them on campus premiers, they couldn't resist bringing them to Norman again," Zakerion said. "Things like this don't happen in Oklahoma very often and if you love film, this is an opportunity you cannot miss."

The film will start at 6 p.m.; however, Zakerion said due to overbooking, those interested should show up early to ensure a seat. A synopsis of the film can be found on the Facebook page.

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