Wednesday, February 4, 2009

JuicyCampus Plans to Shut Down's founder said in his blog Feb. 4 that he plans shutting down the controversial, college gossip site.

Founder and CEO Matt Ivester said in his blog Wednesday that he will close down the Web site due to a mixture of outpaced growth and economic downturn. The site claims to have expanded to over 500 college campuses, including the University of Oklahoma.

Over the past year the site has made its mark at OU with some post views ranging in the thousands. Posts include everything from reinforcing Greek stereotypes to unfettered personal attacks -- all uncensored and anonymous. Some universities have tried to pass resolutions blocking the Web site; however, universities like OU continue to allow students to post. But even its massive appeal to curious college students was not enough to keep JuicyCampus alive, according to Ivester's blog.

"While there are parts of JuicyCampus that none of us will miss -- the mean-spirited post and personal attacks -- it has also been a place for the fun, lighthearted gossip of college life," Ivester wrote in his blog. "I hope that is how it is remembered."

Ivester said he plans shutting the Web site down Feb. 5, just a day after his announcement.

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