Friday, February 13, 2009

Free condoms, lubricants and information packets lie on a table in the OU student union to celebrate National Condom week. OU Women's Outreach Center and Planned Parenthood sponsor the event. 

OU Students Celebrate National  Condom Week

Planned Parenthood and the OU Women's Outreach Center teamed up to host the annual National Condom Week at the University of Oklahoma by handing out free condoms and information promoting safe sex to students.

Every year universities across the United States celebrate National Condom Week in order to educate students about safe sex. The event started at the University of California-Berkley in 1978 and made its way to OU in the mid-1990s. Terry Dennison, director of education services at Planned Parenthood, said he has participated in National Condom Week ever since it made its way to OU's campus. Dennison said National Condom Week happens every February prior to Valentines Day and its purpose is to inform students.

Dennison sets up a table in the student union that offers students an array of information, lubricants and, of course, condoms. University of Oklahoma sexperts hand out condoms on the south oval to students passing by. Political Science major Nick Beckworth helps out by offering students information at the table set up in the student union. Beckworth said he decided to participate in the event because he feels it offers students vital information.

"Safe sex is the best sex," Beckworth said. "I do this to spread awareness. Condoms are important." 

Dennison said he plans on participating in Condom Week next year at OU. 

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